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<img draggable= The Idea

The idea for selfmadefunnel.com has been stuck in mind for quite some time.

I tried services like ClickFunnels and Leadpages a couple of times but I always went back to building my funnels with WordPress and ThriveThemes.

And the reason for that is simple:
These tools are cheaper, more customizable and flexible.
So I thought why not take my knowledge, create a free training to teach others about this opportunity and earn affiliate income along the way.

And don’t get me wrong here, ClickFunnels is a great tool and Russell Brunson is great Entrepreneur who I’ve learned a lot from.

With selfmadefunnel my goal is to educate about more affordable alternatives and earn affiliate income.

Especially when it comes to simpler use cases like a two-step lead gen funnel (which can be everything you need to run a million dollar business), ClickFunnels is an expensive overkill.

Here is an example.

If you need a simple lead gen opt-in funnel with 2 pages you’d pay $97 a month and you’d still need an external autoresponder software to handle your e-mails.

Let’s say you wanna use ClickFunnels own autoresponder product (Actionetics) then you’d be at $297 a month – for a simple lead gen funnel.

And even if you need fancy features like a shopping cart or upsells/downsells you could simply use ChartFlows which costs in a year what ClickFunnels costs in a month. 

And it’s not just the savings.

I’m a huge fan of being able to fully customize my websites. And I don’t mean customizable, I mean fully customizable as in if i want to, I could change every little detail on the page. Since ThriveThemes comes with a pretty powerful visual page builder, it allows me to do exactly that. 

They also have hundreds of ready-made templates if you’re not a fan of the nitty-gritty.

Now, I’m fully aware that getting a bunch of tools to work together is more complex than just using an all-in-one solution like ClickFunnels.  And that’s exactly where selfmadefunnel.com comes in.

The idea is to provide comprehensible and free training around building a sales funnel platform with WordPress & Co.

The final trigger for actually starting selfmadefunnel.com was this post in a Facebook group:

<img class= The Business Model

The business model I’m going for here is Affiliate Marketing.

I am an affiliate with the tools that I use to build funnels with WordPress. So when someone is going through the training and signs up for the tools I suggest through my affiliate link, I get a commission from the software providers. 

In order to incentivize people to go through my affiliate link instead of just going through the provider’s homepage, I through in bonuses resources like free templates. 

The earning potential.

Throughout the courses, I will use and promote the following tools:

WordPress is an open source software that allows you to create websites and blogs. It’s the foundation and comes for free.

<img class= Earning Potential: $0

ThriveThemes is a collection of plugins and themes for building conversion-optimized websites and landing pages. From a visual landing page builder to a plugin for making quizzes, ThriveThemes includes 10 WordPress plugins to help you build an online business. Although they sell their products stand-alone it’s smarter to go for their membership that includes all of their themes and plugins.

<img class= Earning Potential: 35% first-time sale + 25% recurring (yearly).

Since I will promote the yearly membership of $225 I earn ~$80 one time per referral and then $57 every year.

AstraTheme is a super clean and flexible WordPress Base Theme that works with great ThriveThemes’s product catalog.

<img class= Earning Potential: 30% on all sales. The version I’m using is at $59 a year. That means I earn $17 every year per referral (with the potential of earning $75 if they pick the lifetime version).

CartFlows allows you to create sales pages, sales sequences, checkout carts, upsells/downsells, all within WordPress. 

<img class= Earning Potential: 20% on all sales. They only have one plan which currently is at $299 p. year. So I earn $60 every year per referral.

WPXHosting is the best hosting provider for WordPress I’ve used so far.

I’ve tested a variety of hosting services and every time I based my buying decision solely on price. This turned out to be a huge mistake and resulted in a shit ton of performance and service problems – especially with fucking inMotion Hosting (the pain is still there).

When my business got more serious I decided to also take hosting more seriously. Since I just had another horrible encounter with inMotion I started to look for alternatives.

That’s when I stumbled upon WPX hosting. At first, I was a bit hesitant because of the higher price point compared to the cheap hosters out there. But then I thought.. “fuck it, let’s not make the same mistake again”. 

So I signed up for it and I never looked back. It’s crazy fast, their customer service is always online and the maintenance is super easy. It really is money well spent.

If you’re looking for a great WordPress hoster, pick WPXHosting – seriously. 

<img class= Earning Potential: $70 per referral for the first 25, after that you can earn up to $100 per referral. 

Converkit is an e-mail marketing tool that lets you build/manage your audience and create automated sequences visually. As far as I’m concerned it has the most pain-free visual sequence builder I’ve tried yet.

<img class= Earning Potential: Monthly recurring commission of 30%. With the starter plan at $29 I earn about $9 every month.

In sum, if someone took all my suggested tools, the earning potential is $236 per referral ($176 without CartFlows and $167 without ConverKit).

I don’t count in the monthly/yearly recurring commissions for now as I have no data what the retention rates are gonna look like.

Let’s say I can get 1,000 people to go through the course within one year and 30% of them took action. That would mean 300 referrals.

Considering that not all of them take all the products here is my (totally uneducated) forecast: 

  • 60% for the small bundle (without CartFlows & ConvertKit). That’s 180 referrals and $30,060

  • 30% for the mid-size bundle (without CartFlows). That’s 90 referrals and $15,840

  • 10% for the full bundle. That’s 30 referrals and $7,080

<img class= The Initial Investment

Since I’m using tools for the training that I’m already using for my business the initial investment is super low.

  • Domain (selfmadefunnel.com) $7

If I hadn’t had the tools available:

  • ThriveThemes (yearly membership) $224 / $19 p. month
  • WPX Hosting (yearly) $250 / $20 p. month
  • Astra Theme (yearly) $59 / $5 p. month
  • ConvertKit (monthly) $29
  • CartFlows (yearly) $299 / $25 p. month

<img draggable= Monthly investment: $98

(Compare this to the ClickFunnels suite of $297. It’s a steal. If someone doesn’t need any sales functionality and is using a free e-mail autoresponder like Mailchimp you’re down to $44 – compared to the $97 a month plan of ClickFunnels. That’s 50% off.)

👉 Next Up: The setup and the intitial market test (coming soon!)

Note: I'm partnered with some of the companies mentioned in the article. This means I get a commission if you buy or sign-up for their products. This comes at no extra costs for you and keeps the Lab running. Thank you! 🙌

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