The Story behind Creator's Lab

Hey, I'm David! 🙌

I love starting new businesses.

I tried to come up with some intriguing reason as to why I love it, but to be honest, I'm not exactly sure.

Maybe it's because it feels like a gamble—like "THIS time it could blow up”—or it's my perfectionism, as in "THIS time I could do everything perfectly!" Or maybe it’s just the excitement of building something from scratch with your own hands and earning money from it, or simply because I hate to tie myself down...

I honestly don't know.

The only thing I do know is that my love of starting new businesses wasn't something I could be proud of not too long ago.

In fact, I've been building online businesses since 2013, but it wasn't until 2018 that I could actually live off it... And one of the main reasons why it took me so long was that I just love starting new things.

Strategizing and testing new business models, starting new websites, creating new logos, new products... all those things are hella fun for me.

This led to a lot of jumping around—and I when I say a lot, I mean I really started and tested A LOT of businesses (more on that later).

It wasn't until after I decided to REALLY stick to something (my digital agency) and work on it for as long as it took that I finally saw some real results.

The fact that I always needed to start new businesses and new projects was actually a huge flaw for me, but I loved it all the same. I just couldn’t live without a side hustle! I just needed the variety, the excitement, and the potential that comes with new ideas. I just wanted to create.

So, on January 25th 2018, I was talking to my business partner (we code corporate apps on the side for this one client that we landed years ago), and we were talking about the idea for a PPC affiliate page for top gaming keyboards. I had discovered that the cost-per-click for that keyword was pretty low, and since I'm decent with Google Ads and landing page designs, I thought: why not make some quick pages for those under-priced keywords?

But I wasn't sure if my time was worth it.

Then my partner told me, "Dude, just test it, as long as it doesn't take too much time.” He told me that if it worked out, we could those pages at scale (he's a coding god) and sell them for 2X their yearly revenue a year later (you can buy and sell websites and businesses on

There was it again, the excitement to build something from scratch with my own hands and make money from it.

And I thought, "Hm, yes it's actually like a quick experiment."

Then it kinda clicked for me.

Let's execute on all the ideas I have and call them "entrepreneurial experiments" and document the entire process.

That's when I gave birth to the idea for Creator's Lab.

Creator's Lab would give me the freedom to start whatever business I wanted but also serve as a foundation that I could build upon and share with others.

It made even more sense when Gary Vee's words came to my mind:

"Focus on the thing you would do even if you aren't getting paid for it."

Those aren’t his exact words, but you get the idea. Besides making music (my true and only love), it was building new businesses that I would do without earning a dime.

And let's face it, we as entrepreneurs and creators sacrifice 90% of our time working for our businesses, so we should actually have some fucking fun doing so.

I mean, my agency is kinda fun (not really, but it's something I'm good at and it earns cash)—but with Creator's Lab, I just get to do things that are actually fun!

Futhermore, with Creator's Crate I want to build something big and meaningful. Not just for me, but for all the other aspiring entrepreneurs who are in the thick of it—people just like you. All my trial and error in different niches over the years helped me connect the dots and discover tons of helpful resources, smart strategies, powerful tactics, and brilliant mentors—all of which I'll share with you during my experiments.

So, that's it, that's the story behind Creator's Lab and the Entrepreneurial Experiments.

Now, as promised...

👎 About my failures:

  • Startup in the fashion-tech space (Never went past the prototype)
  • Startup in the geolocation and app space (Never went past prototype)
  • Produce and sell a carry handle for bags (Never went past prototype)
  • Dropshipping with Aliexpress (2x)
  • Print On Demand clothing brand (2x)

It's kinda crazy how short this list looks when I consider the number of hours (years) and sweat that went into these projects.

🙌 About my successes:

  • Rocketkit (former Mindfunnel) - An online marketing agency providing á la carte solutions for (local) B2C businesses [active]
  • Hellogenius - A web dev & AI studio based only on word-of-mouth [active]
  • eBay Store - I resold branded underwear [closed]
  • Platform/Blog - I promoted start-ups and visitors could rate the business model of those start-ups [sold, but it wasn't like a HUGE exit or anything]
  • success.venue - I organically grew an Instagram Account to 110K followers [sold]

👎 My educational background:

I'm a professionally trained computer scientist with a Master’s degree in Economic Sciences (wouldn't go to college again, though). I've also worked at a Big 4 consulting company and an investment firm, but 99% of my skills that I use for my business come from Google, YouTube, books, online courses, and mentors like Gary Vaynerchuck, André Chaperon, Miles Beckler, and Grant Cardone—as well as A LOT of trial and error during my projects.

When I'm not working, I spend my time producing electronic music or excruciating myself in the gym.

Talk to you soon, and thanks for reading,
- David Lux

PS: My entrepreneurial journey actually began back in 2004 when I would resell printed versions of online guides for video games on eBay. Yep, it doesn't sound quite kosher, and I'm pretty sure now that it wasn't.

What was your first entrepreneurial encounter? I would love to hear your story. Shoot me a message: