Our Team

Jon Lister​

CEO & Co-Founder​

Jon has been making video and sound since he was 5 years old, and is as obsessed about food - from hawker to omakase - as he is about creating things.

Arijit Sengupta​

Co-Founder & Chairman

Arijit isn't just a visionary when it comes to business. He's also more than au fait with storytelling, and he's also our resident food expert too.

Aaron Tan​

Director of Photography​

Aaron is as experienced as they come in the world of film-making, having shot for the BBC, FOX, Nat Geo and countless others.

Charmie Magno​


Charmie has over five years experience producing content across Asia Pacific and loves food as much as she loves telling stories.

Waxee Galang

Creative Director

Waxee knows content by heart. He has created for some of the Philippines’ leading brands and celebrities. He is also a stickler for queer icons and pop culture.

Liza Mae Dumo

Marketing & Social Media

Liza is a digital marketing expert with a track record of six years, working with international brands. She's a technology enthusiast and a reader during her free time.

Melody Adiao

Head of Motion Graphics

Ody has an unwavering passion for art since childhood, constantly exploring new hobbies and finding inspiration in her love for cats, illustration, and nature.

Josh Crae Alaban

Senior Video Editor

Josh has extensive experience editing content for travel and lifestyle brands across Asia. When he's not editing, Josh spends his time producing music and cycling.

Raymond De Vera

Video Editor

Ray is a storyteller through his editing, with extensive experience in documentaries and film. In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with mechanical keyboards.

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