Taïrroir Makes History as the First Taiwanese-style Restaurant to Snag Three Michelin Stars

Taïrroir, a fusion of “Taiwan” and “Terroir,” has made history as the first-ever Taiwanese-style restaurant to achieve the coveted three Michelin-star rating. Located in the vibrant heart of Taiwan, this culinary gem combines traditional Taiwanese flavours with French culinary expertise.

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Bangkok's Hidden Gem is Entering The Limelight

Bangkok is renowned for its vibrant street food scene and delicious cuisine…

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The Crazy Journey of Chef Mauricio, AKA Papi

In the safe, clean streets of Singapore, where restaurants come and go and chefs are often from culinary schools funded by wealthy families, Mauricio‘s story more than stands out. It’s a tale of ambition, passion, and the transformative power of food. But before he became a chef, Mauricio was a young boy with a dream; a dream that would take him on a perilous journey to near death, from a small town in Mexico to the heart of the Big Apple, and eventually, to the Little Red Dot.

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Dylan Ong: A Chef with an Edge

In the diverse culinary world of Singapore, Dylan Ong has carved a niche.  His journey, from the son of a hawker to a recognized figure in the restaurant scene, is a narrative of impressive resilience and a deep-rooted passion for food. However, his path has not been without its share of challenges, reflecting the complex realities of the culinary world, and of poverty, in a country that rarely speaks about its underprivileged.

Singaporean Restaurants that Made it into The World's 50 Best 51-100 List

Singapore has once again proven its prowess on the global culinary stage. The highly anticipated announcement of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 51-100 list for 2023 has highlighted the city-state’s culinary excellence, with four Singaporean restaurants securing spots on the prestigious list. Burnt Ends, Zen, Meta, and Labyrinth have made their mark, showcasing Singapore’s commitment to culinary innovation and high end gastronomic experiences.

Le Du Expands Culinary Empire with Niras: A Taste of Thailand in Hong Kong

The chef behind Le Du, the best restaurant in Bangkok, is all set to open a new Thai fine dining spot in Hong Kong this June. Chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn, along with his partner Rungroj “Tao” Ingudananda, achieved great success at the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023 awards earlier this year.

Bangkok's Renowned Chef Makes History: The Inspiring Journey of Chef Ton Tassanakajohn

Bangkok’s very own Chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn has made history by securing first and third place for two of his restaurants on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list 2023. His restaurant Le Du took the top spot, while Nusara followed closely in third place. So, who is this young chef, and how did his career skyrocket to such great heights?

Chef Ton Sweeps Best and Third Best Restaurants at Asia’s 50 Best Awards

Excitement and anticipation had been building up for weeks, as food lovers and industry experts eagerly awaited the unveiling of the 2023 ranking for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. After last week’s announcement of the 51-100 list, the full ranking (1-50) has finally been revealed, and it did not disappoint.

Celebrating International Women's Day with Talented Women Shaking Up the Culinary World

Get ready to savor the flavors of gender equality! As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to introduce you to women who are turning up the heat in the culinary world.

Redefining Pastry: Maira Yeo, Asia's Best Pastry Chef

If you’re a fan of delectable desserts and exquisite pastries, you’re in for a treat. Meet Maira Yeo, the Singaporean pastry chef whose exceptional culinary skills have earned her the prestigious title of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef in 2022.

Bangkok's Hidden Gem is Entering the Limelight

Bangkok is renowned for its vibrant street food scene and delicious cuisine, but amongst the chaos of street vendors and tourist hotspots, there lies a hidden gem…

5 Must-Visit Restaurants for a Valentine’s Date

Discover romance and delectable cuisine with the top 5 must-visit Valentine’s Day restaurant recommendations. Immerse in intimate settings…