9 New Restaurants Added to MICHELIN Guide Singapore

Singapore’s reputation as a gastronomic powerhouse continues to grow with the addition of nine exciting new restaurants to the 2024 MICHELIN Guide. This May 2024 entrants showcase a rich diversity of cuisines for both locals and tourists alike.

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‘Chefs Uncut’ Premieres on SBS Food

After its debut on Netflix Southeast Asia in March, ‘Chefs Uncut’ is set to premiere on SBS Food on 25 May 2024. Produced by CreatorsLab, the series tells the stories of Asia’s leading chefs, featuring chefs from Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines in its first season, including Asia’s #1 Chef 2023, Chef Ton.

Pinoy Chef to Showcase Filipino Cuisine on “Chefs Uncut,” Coming Soon to Netflix

In Makati, Philippines, a culinary journey is underway at Toyo Eatery. Established in 2016 by husband-and-wife Jordy and May Navarra, this modest spot is gaining global attention for its fresh approach to Filipino food.

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Chefs Uncut to Introduce Asia's Top Chefs on Netflix, SBS, and More​
Bangkok's Renowned Chef Makes History: The Inspiring Journey of Chef Ton
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Chef Pichaya ‘Pam’ Soontornyanakij Crowned as Asia’s Best Female Chef 2024

In the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown, Restaurant POTONG is a testament to Chef Pam’s extraordinary culinary journey.

CreatorsLab’s “Chefs Uncut” Gains Global Recognition with International Distribution Deal

CreatorsLab recently concluded a significant international distribution deal for its documentary series, ‘Chefs Uncut.’

Baan Tepa’s Rise to Two Michelin Stars

This special restaurant, set in a historic 1980s estate once owned by Chef Tam’s grandmother, Lady Suwaree Debhakam, holds a three-generation legacy.

Wana Yook Earns One Michelin Star

Chalee Kader is one of the most respected and loved chefs in Thailand, known for his warmth, pragmatic and “no-BS” nature.

Chefs Uncut to Introduce Asia's Top Chefs on Netflix, SBS, and More​

Chefs Uncut will unveil the untold stories of six culinary maestros who have left a significant mark on the Asian food scene.

Jigger & Pony: No. 14 in World's 50 Best Bars 2023

Jigger & Pony is a renowned establishment that has solidified its place in Singapore’s vibrant cocktail scene.

Sago House Soars to No. 32 in the World's 50 Best Bars 2023

Sago House, established during the challenging times of the 2020 lockdown, has swiftly ascended to prominence. Led by a trio of seasoned industry experts.

Atlas Claims No. 48 Spot in World's 50 Best Bars 2023

Atlas, an opulent lobby and bar that occupies the ground floor of Parkview Square, is a beacon of sophistication and artistry in the world of cocktails.

Michelin Beijing 2024: Chao Shang Chao's 3-Stars and New 1-Star Restaurants

The Michelin Guide Beijing 2024 recently unveiled its selection of restaurants, highlighting culinary excellence in the city.

Native: Scaling the Ranks from Asia's 42nd to the 83rd on the World's Best Bars List

Native in Singapore has captured the hearts of cocktail enthusiasts not only in Asia but also around the world.

Analogue Initiative: From Asia's Top 15 to the World's Top 78

Analogue Initiative, a bar located in the vibrant city of Singapore, has been making waves in the world of mixology.

Nutmeg & Clove Secures No. 64 Ranking on World's 50 Best Bars 2023

Nutmeg & Clove, a remarkable establishment in the heart of Singapore, has been creating quite a buzz in the world of mixology.

Manhattan Makes Its Mark at No. 63 in World's 50 Best Bars 2023

Manhattan, a renowned bar nestled in the heart of Singapore, has consistently captivated the world with its extraordinary approach to mixology.

28 HongKong Street Secures Spot at No. 59 on World's 50 Best Bars 2023

Singapore is a city known for its vibrant nightlife, and tucked away in the heart of this bustling metropolis is 28 HongKong Street.

Taïrroir Makes History as the First Taiwanese-style Restaurant to Snag Three Michelin Stars

Taïrroir has made history as the first-ever Taiwanese-style restaurant to achieve the coveted three Michelin-star rating.

Mastering Social Media for Restaurants: our Expert Tips for F&B Business Success

In today’s digital age, social media is a must-have for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

8 Dos and Don'ts for Creating Engaging Videos for Your Restaurant

Creating compelling F&B videos involves a blend of creativity, technique, and equipment choices.

Everything Restaurants and Hotels Need to Know to Create Social Media Videos that Bring New Customers in

It’s clear that social media content packs a punch, especially in the food and hospitality industries.

The Crazy Journey of Chef Mauricio, AKA Papi

Mauricio‘s story more than stands out. It’s a tale of ambition, passion, and the transformative power of food.

Dylan Ong: A Chef with an Edge

In the diverse culinary world of Singapore, Dylan Ong has carved a niche.

Singaporean Restaurants that Made it into The World's 50 Best 51-100 List

Singapore has again proven its prowess on the global culinary stage.

Le Du Expands Culinary Empire with Niras: A Taste of Thailand in Hong Kong

The chef behind Le Du, the best restaurant in Bangkok, is all set to open a new Thai fine dining spot in Hong Kong this June.

Chef Ton Sweeps Best and Third Best Restaurants at Asia’s 50 Best Awards

Excitement and anticipation had been building up for weeks, as food lovers and industry experts eagerly awaited the unveiling of the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Bangkok's Renowned Chef Makes History: The Inspiring Journey of Chef Ton

Bangkok’s very own Chef Ton has made history by securing first and third place for two of his restaurants.

Redefining Pastry: Maira Yeo, Asia's Best Pastry Chef

If you’re a fan of delectable desserts and exquisite pastries, you’re in for a treat.

Bangkok's Hidden Gem is Entering the Limelight

Bangkok is renowned for its vibrant street food scene and delicious cuisine, but amongst the chaos of street vendors and tourist hotspots, there lies a hidden gem.

5 Must-Visit Restaurants for a Valentine’s Date

Discover romance and delectable cuisine with the top 5 must-visit Valentine’s Day restaurant recommendations.

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