Original Series | 2024 | 6 x 30 min

Series Info

Chefs Uncut is a documentary series that tells the untold stories of Asia’s best chefs. The 6 x 30 minute series takes viewers on a journey through the culinary lives of six prominent culinary stars, highlighting their creativity, passion, and dedication to their art.

Each episode of Chefs Uncut showcases an acclaimed chef’s unique culinary style, innovative techniques, and personal journeys. From bustling city streets to remote villages, the series explores diverse culinary landscapes across Asia, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and flavours that define the region.

Production: CreatorsLab

Global Distribution: Bomanbridge Media

Streaming Platform: Netflix

Director & Producer: Jon Lister

Executive Producer: Arijit Sengupta




Chef Ton

Asia’s #1 Chef

Coming Soon

Bjorn Shen

The Rebel Chef

Coming Soon

Chef Pam

Asia’s Best Female Chef

Coming Soon

LG Han

Asia’s #11 Chef

Coming Soon

Jordy Navarra

Filipino Pioneer

Coming Soon

Janice Wong

Asia’s Best Pastry Chef

Coming Soon