CreatorsLab’s “Chefs Uncut” Gains Global Recognition with International Distribution Deal

By Liza Mae Dumo | January 17, 2024

CreatorsLab recently concluded a significant international distribution deal for its documentary series, ‘Chefs Uncut.’ Scheduled to debut on Netflix this 2024, the series has successfully secured distribution rights from major global platforms, including Netflix, SBS Australia, PCCW Hong Kong, and Mediawan (France).

‘Chefs Uncut’ tells the stories of Asia’s leading chefs, featuring chefs from Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines in its first season, including Asia’s #1 Chef (Asia’s 50 Best 2023), Chef Ton. The documentary delves into their personal stories, sources of inspiration, and the challenges they’ve faced, offering viewers a rare insight into the diverse culinary landscape of Asia.

Jon Lister, CEO and Co-founder of CreatorsLab, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with Netflix Southeast Asia, PCCW, SBS Australia, and Mediawan to bring ‘Chefs Uncut’ to viewers around the world. The series not only highlights the exceptional talents of the featured chefs but also serves as a cultural exploration of the diverse culinary landscape in Asia – a story rarely told to the global audience.”

The international distribution deal signifies a notable recognition of the series’ potential to engage audiences worldwide. With Netflix Southeast Asia securing exclusive rights for the region, ‘Chefs Uncut’ is poised to become a cultural exploration transcending borders, highlighting the talent and artistry of Asian chefs on a global scale. As ‘Chefs Uncut’ prepares for its international debut, it is expected to contribute to the broader representation of Asian culinary excellence and creativity on the global stage, marking a significant achievement for CreatorsLab in the field of international storytelling.

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Chefs Uncut to Introduce Asia's Top Chefs on Netflix, SBS, and More​

Chefs Uncut, an upcoming documentary series by CreatorsLab, will unveil the untold stories of six culinary maestros who have left a significant mark on the Asian food scene.