Michelin Beijing 2024: Chao Shang Chao's 3-Stars and New 1-Star Restaurants

By Liza Dumo | October 13, 2023

The Michelin Guide Beijing 2024 recently unveiled its selection of restaurants, highlighting culinary excellence in the city. The guide comprises 33 restaurants, including three 3-Stars restaurants, two 2-Stars restaurants, and twenty-eight 1-Star establishments.

3-Star Awardee: Chao Shang Chao

Chao Shang Chao, a fine dining restaurant, greets guests by a hallway decorated with a collection of high-end dried fish maws. Chef Cheung, with years of experience in Hong Kong and Shanghai, has updated the menu with his fresh takes on traditional Chaozhou dishes. Notable offerings include the braised eel wrapped in a lotus leaf, featuring dried tangerine peel and plum sauce. The restaurant offers a wide wine selection and an extensive tea menu to suit different tastes.

New 1-Star Awardees

Apart from Chao Shang Chao’s triumphant moment, the Michelin Guide Beijing 2024 also introduced several new 1-Star restaurants that have emerged as culinary gems in the city. These establishments have taken Beijing’s gastronomy to new heights, earning a single Michelin Star each.


Lamdre restaurant offers a modern and refined vegetarian dining experience. Chef Dai curates a tasting menu that changes with the seasons. Noteworthy among his creations is the famous tofu dish, prepared in a flavorful matsutake and wakame broth, and seasoned with house-brewed soy sauce made from rice, kombu, honey, and shiitake. Guests can opt for one of two wine pairing choices, featuring a selection of natural, organic, sustainable, and biodynamic wines.

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GIADA Garden

GIADA Garden offers authentic Italian cuisine with a modern & innovative approach. Chef Marino D’Antonio, influenced by his Italian background, presents a unique dining experience. GIADA Garden‘s design aligns with the fashion brand’s image, creating a spacious and elegant atmosphere with a feminine touch, featuring soft colours and warm neutrals. To enjoy a complete dining experience, diners often choose the set menu, which includes classic Italian dishes like veal Milanese and homemade pasta. You’ll also find a delightful assortment of freshly baked Italian bread, along with a wide selection of quality Italian wines available by the glass.

MO Jasmine

MO Jasmine offers a fusion of Beijingese and Shandong culinary traditions, resulting in a collection of visually and gastronomically pleasing dishes. A standout on the menu is the classic Peking duck, which can be ordered in individual servings. This dish comes with pancakes, scallions, and cucumbers, and it’s elevated by the addition of char grilled duck breast with crispy skin, garnished with caviar for a touch of luxury. The restaurant features a dark green exterior and a warm, grey interior that exudes a sense of refined taste. Each table is adorned with jasmine centrepieces, which emit a pleasant scent in keeping with the restaurant’s name.

As the city’s gastronomy thrives and evolves, the Michelin Guide remains an essential resource for food enthusiasts looking to savour the best that Beijing has to offer.

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