Singaporean Restaurants that Made it into The World's 50 Best 51-100 List

Liza Mae Dumo | June 12, 2023

Singapore has once again proven its prowess on the global culinary stage. The highly anticipated announcement of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 51-100 list for 2023 has highlighted the city-state’s culinary excellence, with four Singaporean restaurants securing spots on the prestigious list. Burnt Ends, Zen, Meta, and Labyrinth have made their mark, showcasing Singapore’s commitment to culinary innovation and high end gastronomic experiences.

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Burnt Ends

Ranked at No. 65, Burnt Ends has captured the attention of both local and international food enthusiasts with its unique barbecue-focused cuisine. Located in the bougie Dempsey area, a stones throw from Orchard Road, Burnt Ends is helmed by chef-owner Dave Pynt, who has gained recognition for his meticulous approach to cooking with fire. The restaurant’s stunning large, panoramic open kitchen concept allows diners to experience the artistry behind each dish, as they enjoy smoky flavors and tender, perfectly charred meats. Burnt Ends‘ inclusion in the list affirms its status as a must-visit destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience.

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Zen, taking the No. 69 spot, the Singapore branch of Björn Frantzén‘s acclaimed restaurant group, offers a Nordic kaiseki experience. With multiple spaces, including a kitchen for snacks, a second-floor dining room, and an upper-floor living room, Exec Chef Tristin Farmer presents stunning dishes like grilled turbot with razor clams and goat’s butter. Guests can enjoy a carefully curated wine and sake pairing or opt for a juice pairing featuring intriguing combinations like oxidized apple with Oolong tea. Zen‘s inclusion on the list underscores its position as a culinary standout in Singapore.

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At No. 84, Meta shines as a beacon of modern Asian cuisine. Chef Sun Kim has successfully fused his Korean heritage with global influences to create a unique and innovative dining experience. Meta’s menu showcases a range of beautifully presented dishes, each meticulously crafted with a balance of flavors and textures. The restaurant’s stylish interior and impeccable service complement the culinary delights, offering guests a complete sensory experience. Meta‘s inclusion in the esteemed list cements its position as one of Singapore’s top dining destinations.


No. 97, Labyrinth impresses with its avant-garde take on local Singaporean cuisine. Chef-owner LG Han‘s passion for reinterpreting traditional dishes has garnered attention both locally and internationally. Labyrinth offers a modern twist on classic Singaporean flavors, using innovative cooking techniques and presentations. From chili crab ice cream to “bak chor mee noodles” made of squid, each dish at Labyrinth pushes boundaries while paying homage to the rich culinary heritage of Singapore. The restaurant’s inclusion in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 51-100 list highlights its contribution to the evolving Singaporean food scene.

These four Singaporean restaurants making it into The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 51-100 are a testament to the city-state’s culinary excellence and global influence. Their inclusion showcases Singapore’s ability to compete on the international gastronomic stage. Although all four restaurants were already highly regarded, with their unique concepts, attention to detail, and commitment to pushing culinary boundaries, Burnt Ends, Zen, Meta, and Labyrinth will see even more attention thrown their way. Congrats to Dave, Tristan, Sun and LG for once again proving they are right up there with the very best restaurants in the entire world.