Taïrroir Makes History as the First Taiwanese-style Restaurant to Snag Three Michelin Stars

By Liza Mae Dumo | September 6, 2023

Photo from www.harpersbazaar.com

Taïrroir, a fusion of “Taiwan” and “Terroir,” has made history as the first-ever Taiwanese-style restaurant to achieve the coveted three Michelin-star rating. Located in the vibrant heart of Taiwan, this culinary gem combines traditional Taiwanese flavours with French culinary expertise.

The name “Taïrroir” encapsulates its essence – “Locally-Global.” Chef Kai Ho pays homage to the originality of Taiwanese cuisine while looking towards the future. His culinary philosophy involves deconstructing classic Taiwanese dishes, infusing them with French techniques, and using locally-sourced seasonal ingredients. Each plate served at Taïrroir reflects Chef Kai’s vision of modern Taiwanese cuisine on a global stage.

The only one see-through kitchen in Taiwan

The restaurant’s interior design mirrors Taiwan’s stunning landscapes where mountains meet the sea. Modern aesthetics blend with warm copper accents, symbolising Chef Kai’s creativity and intention in every dish. It’s a place designed with heart, where every detail contributes to the overall dining experience.

One of Taïrroir’s standout features is its transparent kitchen, unique in Taiwan. Here, Chef Kai and his team perform the entire cooking process in full view of diners, from crafting sauces to plating dishes, captivating diners with their artistry and precision.

The chef behind the prestigious restaurant

Chef Kai Ho, a Taichung native, established Taïrroir in 2016, earning his first Michelin star in 2018 and a second in 2019. His culinary career spanned continents, including renowned Michelin-starred restaurants in the United States, China, and Singapore. Chef Kai’s commitment to connecting the world through creativity is evident in every dish, using locally-sourced ingredients to express a unique philosophy.

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The Chef de Patisserie

Working alongside Chef Kai is Angela Lai, Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2021, hailing from Singapore. Angela’s multicultural background has allowed her to master integrating local ingredients into exquisite French pastries. She previously worked at the Three Michelin-starred restaurant Guy Savoy in Singapore, alongside Chef Kai. Angela plays a pivotal role in creating exceptional culinary experiences at Taïrroir.

In a historic moment for Taiwanese cuisine, on August 31, 2023, Taïrroir earned the prestigious three-star rating from the Michelin Guide. This recognition places Taïrroir among the elite few globally. Furthermore, the restaurant was awarded the coveted Service Award in 2023, highlighting its dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience that extends beyond just the food.

Taïrroir’s achievement is a testament to Chef Kai Ho’s commitment to pushing culinary boundaries while remaining rooted in Taiwan’s rich culinary traditions. This restaurant is a true culinary gem, showcasing the best of Taiwanese and French cuisine. It has firmly established itself as a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts worldwide. As Taïrroir continues to make history, it invites diners on a remarkable gastronomic journey celebrating the intersection of tradition and innovation on the global stage.