8 Dos and Don'ts for Creating Engaging Videos for Your Restaurant

By Liza Mae Dumo | September 18, 2023

Photo from www.harpersbazaar.com

Creating compelling F&B videos involves a blend of creativity, technique, and equipment choices. Whether you’re a budding content creator or a seasoned videographer, following these detailed dos and don’ts can make a world of difference in your video production.

Do Use Wooden Boards, Don't Use Metal Surfaces
  • Do: Opt for wooden boards for food presentation; they provide a warm and natural look that enhances the appeal of your dishes. Wooden boards, like those available at stores such as IKEA, cost around $10 to $15 and can be easily incorporated into your shoots.
  • Don’t: Use cold and metallic surfaces, as they can detract from the inviting and authentic vibe of your videos. Avoid metal countertops or cutting boards in your shots.
Do Embrace Natural Light, Don't Rely on Harsh Artificial Light
  • Do: Take advantage of natural light whenever possible, as it offers a soft and diffused illumination that enhances the overall look. Position your subject near a window to capture this gentle natural light.
  • Don’t: Rely solely on harsh artificial lighting, especially downlights. They can cast unflattering shadows and affect the authenticity of your shots. Instead, turn off the downlights and use your own light source with a diffuser for better control.
Do Maintain Resolution, Don't Zoom In on Your Phone
  • Do: Preserve your video’s resolution by refraining from zooming in on your phone during filming. Instead, move closer to your subject if needed while keeping your phone’s zoom at its widest setting.
  • Don’t: Zoom in on your phone, as it reduces image quality and can lead to pixelation. Maintain your resolution for a more professional look.
Do Use a Tripod, Don't Overuse Zoom and Movement
  • Do: Consider using a tripod to ensure stable and steady shots, especially if you lack a steady hand. A tripod provides the foundation for professional video quality.
  • Don’t: Continuously zoom in and out or move excessively during filming, unless the shot explicitly requires it. Excessive movement can distract from your subject and compromise video quality.
Do Incorporate Reflectors, Don't Shoot with Backlight
  • Do: Invest in reflectors to bounce and soften light, reducing harsh shadows and creating an even illumination. Reflectors are versatile tools that help control light and minimise shadows.
  • Don’t: Shoot with the light source behind your subject, as it can lead to exposure issues and silhouette effects unless intended for stylistic purposes. Always position your subject with the primary light source in front to avoid backlighting.

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Equipment Recommendations
  • Wireless Microphone: Consider a wireless microphone for clear and convenient audio recording. This can significantly enhance the audio quality of your videos, ensuring your message is heard clearly.
  • Ring Light: A ring light can provide diffused and well-distributed lighting, ideal for certain shots, especially those involving close-ups of food or products.
  • Sturdy Tripod: Invest in a sturdy tripod for stable shots. Ensure it is adjustable and compatible with your camera or smartphone.
  • Reflector: A reflector is an affordable and versatile tool for controlling light and minimising shadows. Consider purchasing a reflector set with different colours for creative lighting effects.
From left to right: wireless microphone, ring light, tripod, and reflector
Dos for Smooth Transitions
  • Do: Practise and shoot multiple times for smooth transition shots. Repetition helps you perfect the timing and coordination of your movements.
  • Do: Simulate the same hand movement with the camera for consistent and fluid transitions. This consistency ensures a seamless transition between shots.
Don'ts for Clumsy Transitions
  • Don’t: Attempt transitions without adequate practice and repetition. Smooth transitions require precision and familiarity with the movements.
  • Don’t: Compromise on the quality of shots by neglecting the importance of fluid and seamless transitions. Jerky or poorly executed transitions can disrupt the viewer’s experience.

If your restaurant needs help achieving this level of content excellence, consider the services offered by F&BLab. By following these detailed dos and don’ts and utilizing recommended equipment, you can elevate your F&B videos, creating content that engages and captivates your audience while maintaining a professional and authentic appeal with the support of F&BLab’s subscription service.

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