Baan Tepa’s Rise to Two Michelin Stars

By Liza Mae Dumo | December 13, 2023

Baan Tepa, helmed by Tam Chudaree Debhakam, is not your ordinary dining spot. This special restaurant, set in a historic 1980s estate once owned by Chef Tam’s grandmother, Lady Suwaree Debhakam, holds a three-generation legacy. The compound, now transformed into a beautiful urban food space, includes Tepa Kitchen, Tepa Garden, and the main house, each preserving the essence of its storied past.

Authenticity and Sustainability

Baan Tepa’s cooking philosophy is all about keeping it authentic and sustainable. Chef Tam and the team stress the importance of sourcing locally, even harvesting from their garden, showing their commitment to reducing food waste. Sustainability isn’t just about ingredients; it extends to the restaurant’s design and menu choices, focusing on bringing back local varieties of vegetables and crops.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The historic Baan Tepa compound, with its grandeur and cozy charm, transports guests back in time. The main house, a two-story masterpiece, can host up to 100 guests, featuring natural lighting, high ceilings, and walls adorned with materials from the old house’s cabinet doors. Preserving classic elements, the kitchen caters to events, while the reception room houses artifacts from the 1980s, restoring the ambiance of historic Thai interiors.

An Interactive Feast

Baan Tepa offers more than just a meal; it’s an interactive dining experience. Guests are welcomed with a garden tour to uncover the ingredients used in their culinary journey. The kitchen serves as a learning space, where collaboration and exploration are key. Diners engage with chefs, discovering new ingredients and cooking methods, fostering a connection with the culinary process.

Tailored Spaces for Dining

The Garden Wing, a private dining space, is perfect for intimate dinners and events. Connected to The Octagon room, a patio lounge overlooking the garden, it provides an intimate setting for memorable evenings. The Garden Wing features a single hardwood table seating up to 14 guests, offering a customized 12-course dinner menu.

Growing Goodness

At the heart of Baan Tepa lies the Tepa Garden, showcasing the team’s commitment to sustainability. The garden features a spiral layout, showcasing a versatile way of growing plants and crops. Raised Beds facilitate rotational cropping, with herbs, crops, and spices chosen based on seasonality. Guests are encouraged to explore the garden, picking herbs and spices before their dinner, contributing to an organic, sustainable cycle of growth.

A Michelin Star Leap

Baan Tepa’s commitment to excellence reached new heights on December 13, 2023, as the Michelin Guide announced the promotion from one Michelin star to the prestigious two-star status. This accolade recognizes Chef Tam’s dedication and the team’s pursuit of culinary brilliance.

In addition, Chef Tam has received the 2024 Young Chef Award, a recognition of her exceptional talent and rapid ascent in the culinary world, marked by a Michelin Star for Baan Tepa in its debut in the 2023 Guide and an impressive two Michelin Stars in its second year.

Chef Tam’s vision for authenticity and sustainability is clear in every aspect of the dining experience, making Baan Tepa a must-visit destination for those seeking a culinary journey through time and flavour.

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