Wana Yook Earns One Michelin Star

By Liza Mae Dumo | December 13, 2023

Chalee Kader is one of the most respected and loved chefs in Thailand, known for his warmth, pragmatic and “no-BS” nature, and of course, his impressively diverse range of restaurants – one of which, his fine dining concept restaurant Wana Yook, has finally earned it’s much deserved Michelin Star.

The Culinary Concept

Chalee’s culinary journey at Wana Yook is inspired by “Khao Gaeng” or “rice topped with curry.” Each course in the innovative seasonal tasting menu features rice sourced from a different region of Thailand that pay homage to the country’s diverse culinary heritage.

The Ambiance

Step into Wana Yook, and you’ll find yourself in a beautiful heritage building, adorned with wood furniture and silk cushions; a blend of traditional Thai aesthetics and contemporary sophistication. The creaky wooden floors of the colonial house setting adds a touch of history, which makes you feel like you’ve been transported to an earlier time.

Regional Rice Exploration

One of the distinctive features of Wana Yook’s menu is the exploration of rice from different regions of Thailand. Chalee’s commitment to showcasing the diversity of Thai rice varieties adds a layer of authenticity to each dish. It’s a culinary journey that goes beyond taste, offering a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of Thailand.

Wana Yook, with its newly and very well reserved Michelin-acclaimed status, is genuinely one of our favourite restaurants in Asia.  Chalee is a chef who holds no punches with his food.  His flavour profiles hold true to the dishes they were inspired by, but refined to an incredible level. 

If you love Thai food, you have probably been to a khao gaeng stall serving multiple curries.  Here at Wana Yook, you get to do the same – travelling through Thailand’s culinary landscape, guided by Chalee’s spirit. From the regional rice exploration to the elegant colonial house setting, Wana Yook is a carefully curated experience.  And one that has finally been rewarded it’s long-deserved Michelin star.  Check it out next time you are in Bangkok (if you can get a table – book in advance!).

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Shorts: Chalee Kader

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