‘Chefs Uncut’ Premieres on SBS Food

By Liza Mae Dumo | May 23, 2024

After its debut on Netflix Southeast Asia in March, ‘Chefs Uncut’ is set to premiere on SBS Food on 25 May 2024. Produced by CreatorsLab, the series tells the stories of Asia’s leading chefs, featuring chefs from Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines in its first season, including Asia’s #1 Chef 2023, Chef Ton. The documentary delves into their personal stories, sources of inspiration, and the challenges they’ve faced, offering viewers a rare insight into the diverse culinary landscape of Asia.

Chef Ton of Nusara and Le Du
Bjorn Shen of Artichoke and Small's
Chef Ton: Asia’s #1 Chef 2023

At his renowned restaurants, Nusara and Le Du in Bangkok, Chef Ton is celebrated for his modern interpretations of classic Thai dishes. His culinary approach blends meticulous technique with deep respect for traditional flavours.

Bjorn Shen: The Rebel Chef

Chef Bjorn, the mastermind behind Artichoke and Small’s, crafts dishes that are as bold and personality-driven as he is. His restaurants are known for their innovative Middle Eastern cuisine.

Chef Pam of Restaurant Potong
LG Han of Labyrinth
Chef Pam: Asia’s Best Female Chef 2024

From the streets of Bangkok, Chef Pam’s restaurant, Potong, offers a personalised dining experience that reflects her journey through the flavours of Thailand and beyond.

LG Han: Asia’s #11 Chef 2023

Restaurant Labyrinth, helmed by Chef LG Han in Singapore, is a Michelin-starred haven where local ingredients and exceptional creativity meet, offering a modern Singaporean dining experience that challenges and delights.

Jordy Navarra of Toyo Eatery
Janice Wong of 2amdessertbar
Jordy Navarra: #1 Chef in the Philippines

Chef Jordy Navarra‘s Toyo Eatery in Manila is a tribute to Filipino culture and history, bringing local ingredients and traditional Filipino cooking techniques to the forefront of fine dining.

Janice Wong: Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2013 & 2014

Renowned for her edible art, Chef Janice Wong’s 2am:dessertbar in Singapore transforms desserts into vibrant, interactive art pieces, pushing the boundaries of sweet creations.

A Big Hit

‘Chefs Uncut’ was well received for its authentic look at the culinary world, ranking #5 on Netflix Singapore. Now coming to SBS Food in Australia, the series continues to explore the professional and personal sides of these chefs, highlighting their approaches to cooking and the challenges they face in the kitchen.

Chefs Uncut


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Watch This Saturday

Don’t miss the SBS Food premiere of ‘Chefs Uncut’ this Saturday 25 May at 6 PM. Starting with the premiere, it will air every Saturday at 6 PM, for six weeks. The series provides a straightforward view of the culinary arts, showcasing how these chefs contribute to their respective food scenes.

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